Donations - Pledge your support to Devi Mandir

“To reject the necessity of Temples is to reject the necessity of God,  Religion and existence” -Mahatma Gandhi

The Devi Mandir is a registered charitable organization (Charitable# 0859900-39) that requires your financial support to ensure the continued operation of its facilities. No contribution is too big or small. The Devi Mandir is thankful for your generous gift. All donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued for income tax purposes.

Below are some of the ways that you can pledge your support to the Devi Mandir:


The PAP plan consists of monthly contributions starting at a minimum of $5.00 a month; with funds being withdrawn from your bank account. You begin this process by filling out a PAP form and attaching a void cheque, authorizing the amount of money to be withdrawn.

Buy-A Brick Program

What is it?…

It is a program by the Devi Mandir which allows someone the opportunity to make a dedication in their Name or to a Family Member, Friend, Guru, Loved One or simply to honor a cherished memory of a person or persons, to whom that memory is important.

Where is it displayed?

The Engraved Brick is placed on the Wall in the Main Lobby of our Mandir for all devotees to see.

Is there a Cost?

Yes. There is a ONE-TIME financial contribution for making a dedication pledge and buying a Brick. This is a Tax Deductible donation of $250.00 and a receipt will be issued to you.

How do I buy a Brick? Simply fill out the form, which can be obtained online or at the Mandir’s lobby. Attach a cheque or cash and give it to any Executive Member of the Mandir.

Corporate Sponsorship

The “Corporate Sponsorship/Recognition Wall” Program allows contributors to have an engraved plaque of their Corporation’s name, installed on our dedicated “Corporate Sponsorship/Recognition Wall”.

This wall is located in the main entrance to our Auditorium and is reserved entirely for organizations like yours, who are willing to help a truly worthy cause. ALL FUNDS generated through this program is being utilized solely for the purpose of reducing, and eventually, eliminating our Principal Mortgage. A Corporate Tax Deductible Receipt will be issued for this donation. Click to download a Corporate Pledge form.