Hanuman Jayanti is the celebration of the auspicious appearance day of Sri Hanuman, an ardent devotee and eternal servitor of Lord Sri Ramachandra. As per Hindu mythology, Hanuman was born to Kesari and Anjana.

Our 2019 Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations was the first of its kind where we performed 108 Hanuman Bedi’s Pooja with the participation of several hundred devotees all dressed in red. To culminate the wonderful celebrations, an offering of 108 dried coconuts were offered into the Agni while circumambulating.

Join us on Tuesday April 7th 2020 for our 108 Hanuman Bedi’s Pooja. Register today to secure your Bedi. Call: Buddy Rampersad (416) 451-0991

Email: info@devimandir.com

Devotees are required to bring: 

1) Parsaad(Mohan Bhog or Roat, Fruits. 2) 5 Coins. 3) Sheet or cushion to sit. 4) Assorted flowers. 5) Dried coconut. 

All other ingredients will be provided by the Devi Mandir.