head Priest - Pandit Jag Gossai

Pandit Jag has served as a volunteer at Devi Mandir for the last seven years and has the experience and knowledge to lead the mandir to greater heights.

Pandit Jag is also a professional educator, having lectured in several colleges and universities in the GTA for many years. He has vast knowledge of our scriptures and is able to deliver these messages in a simple yet effective manner to the entire congregation. 

He is particularly interested in training of the children via Bal Vikaas so that they can become Ambassadors of Hinduism.

PAndits Narsingha & Parshuram

Devi Mandir has welcomed two preists from India: Pandit Narsingha and Pandit Parshuram Shukl. These pandits are responsible for all religious observances on a day-to-day basis in accordance with the directives set out by the head priest.

Both pandits are very knowledgeable in Hindu scriptures and have since improved the energy levels at the mandir with their vedic chantings. Both pandits have been well-received by the devotees and work with them to increase the services offered at the Devi Mandir for the benefit of the community.