Holi Mela 2015 – Recap!

On Saturday March 7th 2015, Devi Mandir hosted their annual Holi Mela. It was a wonderful (and colourful) way to spend the weekend. Devi Mandir is one of the few Mandirs in the GTA that is allowed to play Holi inside the Mandir and it is a privilege that we have been given as devotees. Living in Canada, the month of March is still very cold and the Devi Mandir tries its best to create the festive atmosphere of Holi within the walls of the Mandir.

There was a lot of hard work and volunteer effort that was put into organizing this event. We can all proudly say that celebrating Holi is our tradition and the individuals from Devi Mandir put on a very successful program. Several rehearsals were put into each and every performance as the audience enjoyed themselves whether it was the religious dramas, the music, the dances, the tassa, the food, the speeches… the whole evening was exciting and energetic.

The young and old alike had fun using the hashtag #devimandirholi2015 when they were posting their various pictures to social media throughout the night. The hashtag was an It was exciting to see all of the different pictures that were being posted.

All in all, Devi Mandir’s Holi Mela 2015 could not have been possible without the help of many volunteers and the support of the community. It was certainly another memorable experience which made the evening one to remember. HAPPY HOLI!



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